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Capsule Machine Features

Features of the RoboLQ & RoboDose

RoboLQ Certifications

RoboLQ certifications

RoboLQ is manufactured to TUV Rhineland Standards, not cGMP standards. GMP standards are FDA regulated standards, and we do not manufacture FDA listed instruments. TCG conforms to ISO:9001 standards for quality control. It is the onus of the client to submit their formulation to the FDA for approval, at which point they can receive cGMP certification for their machine and application.

Research Scale

Pilot & Research Batches

The RoboLQ can run batch sizes as small as 16 capsules, which is great for doing pilot or research batches without having to was capsules or material. The RoboLQ can produce from 16 to infinity number of capsules at a multiple of 16.

Dispense Range

RoboLQ can dispense from Minimum- 1ul to Maximum- 1200ul (per dispense)

Multiple dispenses can be used for larger volume applications

Viscosity Ranges

This will change depending on the tips (pore size / dead volume) and the pipette head used. The water bath will change the temperature of the formulation, and therefore (for the filler materials we are using for RoboLQ) the viscosity. With the smaller MAX8x200, we have observed good results with methanol (@ 0.50 cP) and an 80% glycerol solution (@ 80 cP). The tips used for testing have a smaller pore size than the standard RoboLQ D1200 tips. We would expect this range to shift up.

Run History

Job History

RoboDose software tracks all interactions with the RoboLQ, giving users the ability to view job history broken down by processed date, batch id and formula

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

The RoboDose software tracks your consumption of capsules and tips, with this tracking abilities the RoboDose can predict when you will run out of materials and will notify you to order more or can be set to automatically place the order for you so you always have the materials you need.

Remote Access

Remote Access

Control your RoboLQ from any iOS or Android device. RoboDose can be accessed via the RoboDose Mobile app from anywhere in the world. Program, execute and share any formula on the go. Enjoy the same RoboDose formulation experience on the go.

Company Profile

Company Profiles

Log into your company profile to view all formulas and run history for all RoboLQ Machines in the company network. Share formulas from one RoboLQ to another, view output analytics and collaborate with your team from the RoboLQ Portal.