Meet the RoboLQ™ Smart Machine Series

Perfect for pilot & research batches, RoboLQ™, can accurately formulate and execute a minimum batch size of 16 capsules with a 1uL precision dispense.

Combining precise filling mechanisms and smart formulation software, The RoboLQ™ has led to the innovation an all-in-one system for formulating and filling liquid based capsule products. From separation to filling, our liquid capsule filler optimizes your workflow by storing ratio-specific formulas and tracking machine history, all with an output capacity of over 3,500 capsules per hour with precise dosage dispense control.

Devised to increase efficiency and accuracy, the RoboLQ™ drives both fixed and variable dispense modes and interchangeable parts to accommodate capsule sizes 5 through 00, customizing your capsule filling experience to meet the exact needs of your brand.

RoboLQ No BG

RoboLQ™ Lab

The RoboLQ™ Lab is the leading affordable solution to automate your capsule filling process, from separation to filling. Our user-friendly tablet controlled Formulation Software helps you create the perfect capsule product and saves all batch information to optimize your company’s efficiency. The RoboLQ™ Lab carefully and accurately doses 8 capsules with each dispense, maximizing the number of capsules filled per hour.

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RoboLQ™ Blend

Keeping your fill material homogeneous can be difficult to maintain. The RoboLQ™ Blend guarantees dosage consistency and a homogenous mixture using peristaltic pump technology to create an ever-blending infinity reservoir. Homogeneity is accomplished by constant flow of the product, even in between filling cycles. The RoboLQ™ Blend is the perfect solution for producers who compound multiple active and inactive ingredients.

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RoboLQ™ Thermal

The RoboLQ™ Thermal is a fully heated capsule-filling machine that eliminates viscosity issues when filling extra thick and viscous liquids. Proprietary thermal convection technology produces a gentle and consistent heat throughout the machine, reducing the viscosity of your fill material and expediting the filling process. RoboLQ™ Thermal is the ideal choice to guarantee a flowable and doseable product.

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